Friday 31 January 2020

20 in 20 Photo of the Week #4 26/1/20

A few photos this week.

Rory loves his toy vehicles and trains. He was especially impressed with this life size "digger" in the park this week.  We saw it on Monday just parked up and on Wednesday it drove past us.

Also in Wednesday we saw these big machines. They have started work on Ilford station which is on the new Crossrail/Elizabeth line. The whole ticketing area/front entrance is being rebuilt so they have been demolishing it.  Unfortunately there was no activity going on when we went past on the way to the supermarket - the workers seemed to be having breakfast in a nearby cafe!

This is what it looked like pre demolition.  (Photo courtesy of Hugh Llewelyn via Flicker)

And an artists impression of how the new building will look.

Image result for Ilford station

I also took these photos in the Holocaust memorial garden on Wednesday- the area was cordoned off and had marquees up on Monday for the commemoration event.  I didn't take a shot of the whole garden because it's a bit bare at the moment although a few snowdrops had poked their heads out.

And for those of us who can't get enough of this cute face:

No pictures but there are still 3 goslings and they are definitely growing!


  1. Love the cap on the sweet face !! Little boys adore these huge machines ! Toby now is more into drones and metal detectors ! Ever since I have been in Auschwitz last July, I am so disgusted of what happens there now, horror all forgotten, selfies in front of gaz chambers and so on ! A whole marketing and souvenir shops, restaurants and horrendous prices ! Disgusting.

    1. I guess they have to try and cover the costs of keeping Auschwitz open to the public somehow but not by turning it into a tourist attraction

  2. It is funny how boys veer towards these vehicles without any encouragement whatsoever.

    1. He loves his vehicles. We have to line them all up and see which goes the furthest when pushed! lol

  3. Well, of course that last photo is the absolute best! Thanks for sharing your adventure out with your sweet boy!


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