Saturday, 11 January 2020

Fridays' Fave Five (On Saturday!) 11/1/20

Hey it's Saturday so I'm a day late but it's time to look back and reflect on the good things from the past week.

This meme is hosted by Susanne over at "Living to Tell the Story".  Pop over there to see who else is taking part.

Here are mine:

1) Being late posting thanks to an impromptu dinner out with hubby last night.  He suggested dining out as he'd been to work and I'd been babysitting Grandson Nathan so neither of us really wanted to cook.  We tried out a Chinese restaurant we hadn't been to before in nearby Stratford.   It was lovely not to have to cook and to spend quiet time with hubby but I don't think we'll be visiting the restaurant again.  It uses chilli symbols next to listings to indicate how hot a dish is.  I fortunately opted for a lamb dish with no chillis which was lovely but hubby opted for a dish with one chilli which he struggled with and he likes spicy food.  I dread to think how hot a 3 chilli dish was!  There was a limited number of mild dishes but the restaurant is clearly popular, particularly with local Chinese/Asian people, so I think they'll survive without us.

2)  New life:

Came across these goslings when out at the park with Grandson Rory this week.

3)  A day to myself at home.  That probably sounds selfish but I like being home alone but hadn't had the opportunity since before Christmas.  The few days before Christmas were busy and then we had Grandson Noah here for a week which of course was lovely but then before I knew it we were back to our normal routines so this Thursday was very welcome.

4)  Time with Nathan.  His Mummies were both busy yesterday so I babysat him.  Haven't done that for a while.  He was really good for me and it was lovely to have one on one time with him.

5)  Normal routines.  Much as I loved the Christmas period and having time with all my family it's good to get back into normal routines and we've had that his week.  I've also felt quite positive and organised and been blogging more.  Often January can be a difficult month for me but so far so good.

We have a quiet weekend so reading time is the plan.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. I love that you can babysit your grandsons. How special that must be!!
    i love having the house to my self. My college girl heads back to New Hampshire next week so the house will be a bit quieter again.

    i can't eat super spicy food anymore either although i used to love it!

    I hope you enjoy your reading time.

    1. Thanks Faith. Yes I am blessed to be able to spend time with the Grandsons while they're growing up. I got a lot of reading done lol

  2. A great Friday Five! Our Chinese restaurant will adjust the heat (or leave it out) on any of their menu items. Sorry your hubby didn't care for his meal. It is great that you get to spend so much time with your grands!

  3. Thanks Terri. The restaurant was very busy on Friday. I think we were lucky to get a table as we hadn't booked so I think any requests to temper the food would not have been particularly well received - I originally asked for prawn dumplings for starters but was persuaded otherwise as it would take 20 minutes. And mains before starters? Not a sign of good organisation.

  4. Lovely that you were able to spend a cook free evening with time with your hubby. Too bad that the restaurant wasn't to your liking. Holidays are wonderful but I'm with you, getting back to a bit of routine is nice.

  5. It's a rare treat for me to get the house to myself. I must confess I love it!

    I also love evenings out and time with my grandkids, so I'd say you have a pretty great week!

  6. Today is Tuesday and I am finally having a 'down day'. Hubs is home but he is quiet so we are just doing our own thing. So nice after a really really really busy week and weekend.
    Spicy food: I agree. I adore Indonesian food (obviously) but not if it is too spicy.
    You are so blessed to be near all your grandbabies!


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