Thursday, 2 January 2020

JusJoJan - 2/1/20 - a photo.

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 2nd, 2020, is “a picture you’ve taken in the last week.” If you don’t want to share the photo itself, talk about it. If you haven’t taken any photos, talk about a moment you wish you had. Have fun!

Well my picture wasn't taken this week but I wish we had a matching one:

This one was taken last Christmas when we fortunate enough to have all 3 Grandsons and their parents with us.  For the 2 youngest it was their first Christmas so quite special.

This year we were with the eldest (Nathan) again but the younger 2 were with their other Grandparents so we  haven't got a Christmas photo - yet!  We're all getting together this weekend to exchange presents and spend some time together.  Hopefully the photo will be recreated although they all look a lot different now!

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  1. I remember that photo! Beautiful!!

  2. Lovely pic! Isn't celebrating Christmas with little ones the best? I really enjoyed watching my 2 year old grandson choose presents from under the tree and give them to the recipient. He loved it, and of course, helped everyone open theirs, too!


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