Thursday, 9 January 2020

JusJoJan 2020 - 9/1/20 - Scrumptious

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Today's prompt is "Scrumptious" and brought to us by Maggie at From Cave Walls Give her a visit if you get a chance.

Well to me anything with chocolate in is usually scrumptious.  I've made/eaten a few things over the years which have found their way onto the blog:

 My daughter's wedding cake was definitely scrumptious!

These tarts are easy to make (especially if you cheat and use shop bought pastry) and are very rich.

Lindt has to be my favourite chocolate manufacturer and the Lindor balls probably top my list but this advent calendar was pretty special.

This was a dessert I had during a lovely meal when we were in Melbourne in 2017. A truly memorable trip.

This is a homemade cheesecake that I love making.  Well of course I love eating it more.

All this talk of chocolate makes me want some.  Fortunately I had 2 lots of chocolates for Christmas both of which are scrumptious.


  1. Love this! I did fall in love with chocolate again over the holidays and Lindor chocolate truffles topped the list!

  2. These look a mite tasty. And anything you can do to shorten the time between cooking and eating is all right with me.

  3. I want to eat those tarts, and Lindt chocolates are my favorite, too!

  4. I have never seen a wedding cake like that one! WOW!! All of those things look scrumptious for sure!!

  5. Tell us more about the wedding cake, wow, beautiful. How is it created?
    And I want your cheese cake recipe. You made me hungry. LOL


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