Sunday 5 January 2020

20 in 20 - Photo of the week #1 5/1/20

One if my 20 in 20 aims is to take a photo each week and blog about it. This will hopefully get me taking more photos and increase my number of blog posts.

Hopefully it might improve my lack of photography skills as well.  This one was taken yesterday and isn't very well composed.  Half a picture in the top of the frame is definitely not good.  Of course I could have cropped it but it was enough faff just accessing it on my iPad and getting it to load.

This is my family l-r our eldest son Matthew, his wife Amy holding their son Noah. Younger son Michael in front of his wife Elizabeth holding their son Rory then our daughter Rebecca, her wife Victoria and their son Nathan.

We gathered together at Rebecca & Victoria's home to celebrate Christmas together. (We were all in different places on the 25th.). I love seeing them all together although the cousins haven't quite got the idea of playing together yet and nobody slept that well last night despite everyone having a bed.

But we managed a nice meal together, exchanged presents, played a game and had fun. I am very thankful to have such great kids and now Grandsons.

Of course I didn't take the other photo but it's another one to treasure.


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