Thursday, 23 January 2020

Two for the price of one! 20 in 20 Photo of the week #3. 23/1/20

Well I have several photos this week.  Following on from the Just Jot it January post, the prompt for which was Drive I have definitely been driven today.

I managed to get quite a lot done at home, mostly chores but I also managed to do a little bit of decluttering - things are changing around here but more of that tomorrow!

This post is about photos and here they are:

The one above is an interactive display - it's created by the people you can see using light creating software.  They are given 5 minutes to create a display.  Annoyingly I just managed to position myself to be able to get a shot of this piece finished and without the people obstructing the view when it was cleared for the next set of people to create a new picture.  You can tell I'm not a serious photographer by the fact that I didn't wait another 5 minutes for the shot.  (I was also using my phone and not a proper camera on a tripod of which there were quite a few around!)

Yes I was there!

This was another one that was hard to get a good picture of.  It's falling water that contains words.

"This atmospheric UK premiere is inspired by the experience of a night flight over storm clouds.  Columbus Courtyard will be transformed into an electrifying life sized cloud made of foam.  On a walkway, travel through and touch the cloud as lighting illuminates the foam to create beautiful colours accompanying the deep throb of a thunderstorm."

There were plenty of nights flights to London City Airport while we were there!

All these were taken at Canary Wharf this evening.  I managed to combine taking my weekly photo with a date night with Hubby (his office is in Canary Wharf) and dining at a new to me restaurant! (Franco Manca Pizza Place)

The installations are from the Winter Lights event on at Canary Wharf until Saturday.  For more information and (better) pictures go here.


  1. Wendy, your photos are great!! I would have enjoyed seeing this fantastic light show! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great light show. I love the colors. It is hard to get shots of things like that. Fireworks are tough too.


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