Tuesday, 7 January 2020

JusJoJan 2020 - 7/1/20 - Mix

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Today's prompt is "Mix" and brought to us by John at The Sound of One Hand Typing. Give him a visit if you get a chance.

Phew I've grabbed some time on Hubby's laptop this morning.  I've even set his office chair up so that I'm the right height for typing. Makes such a difference if your hands are set right when you're a trained touch typist.   It's a very long time ago since I took an evening class in typing but I am still so glad I did.  Note to self though - reset the chair for hubby.  He does not like things being mixed up.
It's definitely hard to get the right mix sometimes with so many things.  We babysat Rory as usual yesterday and his Mummy was out in the evening so I had to prepare his dinner.  The instructions were:  There's cooked chicken in the fridge and some parsnips.  Cook some pasta to go with it.  Well I'm sure that Rory would have eaten those ingredients if I had just mixed them together - he is a very good unfussy eater - but I thought a bit of white sauce might bring them all together nicely so there I was doing calculations in my head on the amount of ingredients to use to get enough sauce for that.  The mix actually turned out ok and predictably Rory wolfed down the lot!
Mixing people can be tricky too.  When we had Christmas lunch recently there were 12 of us and hubby and I were the ones who didn't really know a lot of the others too well.  Our DIL had done place cards for us and there was quite a lot of deliberation on who should sit where and a bit of tweaking done at the last minute to try and get the mix right.  There was no shouting or arguing so I think she did a good job lol.
Well the only drawback to using hubby's laptop is that I don't have access to my photos.  Yes I know many of you computer experts out there will probably be shouting at me how I can get around that but I still have to try and get around your blogs and leave some comments so I'm calling time on this Jot.  Thanks for looking in.


  1. I am always uncomfortable around large crowds, smiles. Enjoyed the post, Wendy. Have a great day friend, smiles.

  2. I can't even remember when sitting cards were done ! It's completely out of fashion here, or maybe at Mr. King and Mrs. Queen to avoid political incidence ! When I ask where should I sit the answer is mostly, wherever you want ! When we are a lot of people (around 10 or more) we all pretend that we are too old to sit everybody around the table, some lack of space too. So the buffet is now in fashion, everythingt on a table with cutlery and plates and you help yourself and sit where there is space. We had so many formal diners in our lives, 4 hours at table, that we are all fed up ! Some older people still do it but they hire specialized staff.

  3. You could always look into some sort of cloud-based storage for your pictures...

  4. I'm glad you got some computer time at hubby's desk! I enjoyed this mix of paragraphs in today's post!

  5. Great job. I hate it when people use my car and move the settings around.

    Janet’s Smiles

  6. Fun post.. I hear you about all the mixing.. especially mixing people. LOL


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