Friday, 24 January 2020

Friday's Fave Five - 24/1/20

If you've landed here looking for a JusJoJan post on Change, you can find it here.

If you're looking for 5 good things from my week you're in the right place.  Suzanne hosts this meme and you can check out her post and see who else is taking part here.

1)  Family time.  We had 2 Grandsons and their parents here for dinner last Sunday.  The little ones are so entertaining and they love getting together too.

2)  A big decision made and some planning done - yep we've decided to move.  Check out my Change post above for all the details.  Although of course it all depends on us finding the right house so we may not be going anywhere in a hurry lol.

3)  Birds on my bird feeder - I need to start looking up what they are.  I know we have robins and blackbirds but there are some other small birds I need to identify.  

4)  A night out with Hubby.  We attended the Winter Lights event at nearby Canary Wharf.  

They currently have various light installations set up and we managed to see most of them.  We combined this with eating at a pizza restaurant.  It made a nice change.  For more pictures and details go here.

5)   Weather good enough to get Rory out to the park.  This is a familiar blessing but it really does help my week when I can get outdoors with Rory.  He loves the ducks and geese and of course we're following the progress of the goslings now.  It was a bit murky on Wednesday so I had him well wrapped up and the rain covers on the buggy but he was happy.  He also napped for 2 hours so I was happy too!

Have a good weekend all.


  1. Great list of faves!!! A toddler who naps!!! Win!

    I love wTching the cardinals and blue Jays at our feeder. Of course we won't see robins at a feeder as they don't eat seed and they won't be this far north until April.

    Love going to light displays!!

    Happy weekend!

  2. I enjoyed your list of favorites! Getting out with Rory is the best! Keep us posted about the move! I'm excited for you!

    1. I'm excited too but also a bit nervous lol

  3. Well I'm not sure if you have any Wren's at your birdtable, but here's one at your blog!
    Big decisions - good luck with the upcoming house move!
    Wren x

  4. I have bird seed but haven't put it out because it has been so cold. But that's probably when they need it. The winter lights event sounds like great fun. I'm glad you were able to have family over and to get outside with Rory.

  5. Wow, your news is exciting! We are in the middle of all that change too. Best of the best on prepping, selling and buying!
    It is always a blessing to spend time with the grands!

  6. Exciting News Wendy.. sending hugs and prayers as you prepare.

    The winter light show looks like a fun event. And I know how much you enjoy your family time. Love it!


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