Thursday, 23 January 2020

JusJoJan - 23/1/20 - Drive!

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 23rd, 2020, is “drive.” Use the word “drive” any way you’d like. Have fun!

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I love to drive. Actually it's more correct to say I love "being able" to drive. I don't actually love going out just to drive, usually because I will be the driver and you can't appreciate scenery the same way as the passenger does. There's that pesky little thing called traffic to watch out for. I also don't enjoy long motorway drives (who does?) but as a method of transport for getting from A to B and the convenience it can bring I'm glad that I am able to drive.

I couldn't wait to learn taking lessons and passed my test at 17. I've been driving ever since and nothing much phases me, not parallel parking, multi-storey car parks, driving on the wrong side of the road (in a foreign country!) or even getting into strange cars.

Hopefully when the time comes I will know when it's time to hand in my licence and resort to being driven.


  1. I got my learner's permit at 15 and passed on my first try when I turned 16. Like you, not much phases me and I can even drive a stick shift. I do 95% of the driving now (have for 10 years, actually) and, like you, am happy that I can drive.

  2. We ended up taking my father-in-law's car because he had macular degeneration and was still trying to drive, with my mother-in-law navigating...


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