Friday, 11 January 2019

Five Minute Friday - 11/1/19 - Better

Well I've cheated a bit here today because this is my second five minute stint.  The first one just seemed to be a rerun of my Friday's Fave Five post and I'm sure I can do better than that.

But there's the thing.  Why do we always feel we need to strive to do better when actually we're probably doing ok?  I'm often berating myself for not doing things or achieving  things but it's hard sometimes to work out what's really important.

Yes it's good to have a clean and tidy home and get through my to do list but it's also good to just do things I enjoy.  Like blogging, even though it can become very time consuming, especially when you start visiting other blogs, leaving comments etc and then find yourself completely down a rabbit hole and an hour (or more) has passed by.

Or just spending time with family and friends.  Just being still and enjoying the view.  Doing something that wasn't on the to do list but made you feel better.

Time's up.  I'd better get this posted!


  1. Enjoyed reading your words! And yes, that rabbit hole is something!!

    My words are here ~

  2. Your first one was just fine! I enjoyed this one too!

  3. Sometimes just being is fine. I have those days too. But not yesterday, so my post today was a bit scary.

  4. I enjoyed this, Wendy. So often I find myself on that treadmill of trying to better, and I realize I haven't been enjoying things at all.

  5. Hi Wendy! I know how hard of a task master a "To Do" list can be. I too, as I get older, realize sometimes I have to just enjoy the moments I'm living. Thanks for sharing your thoughts at FMF.


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