Thursday, 3 January 2019

19 in 19 - 1st new Restaurant of the Year.

I'm off!  I have visited a new restaurant (5 more to go.)

Yesterday I met up with 3 former work colleagues at a restaurant called Asado which was not only new to me but also new to the area - it's only been open a month.

It's predominately a steak restaurant with meat coming from Argentina.  It's a short bus ride away from home so very convenient.  Being new everything was still clean and sparkly and although it's not huge it had a nice ambience.

We decided not to go for starters (I always like to try and save room for dessert) and went straight for the steaks.  I had a Churrasco Sirloin (marinated in garlic, oil and herbs) which was excellent.  I just about remembered to take a photo.

Between us we had various sides: chips, mushrooms, green beans, spinach & salad.  (The picture was taken when I was being polite and not overloading my plate but there was plenty of food.)  The steak looked big but was not that thick so there was room for a pancake with icecream & dulce de leche for dessert.  (Sadly no pic - it had almost disappeared by the time  I remembered.)  We had a nice bottle of red wine with our mains and finished with tea and coffees.

It wasn't a cheap night out but the food was really good and we couldn't fault the service.  My only concern is will it thrive?  Admittedly the Wednesday after New Year was always likely to be quiet but we had the place to ourselves for most of the evening.  Hopefully it has busier times and I notice from their website that they also do Takeaway.

I would definitely recommend it and will be planning on going back with hubby.


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  2. I think restaurants were all mostly empty here too ! After all that food we gobbled down during Christmas and New Year (the Belgians often spent both in a Restaurant, now more on New Year) we can't see food anymore ! On the 2nd Jan it was even difficult to find a restaurant in Waterloo besides the Carrefour Lunch Garden ! I looked at the card, the prices are the same as here for a Steakhouse. Nothing for everyday, lol


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