Friday, 1 January 2021

JusJoJan #1 - Speech


The Just Jot it January challenge is hosted by Linda here.

Each day Linda will post a prompt and then the idea is you jot something down.  It can be whatever you like but for more guidance on how this works you can check out the rules by following the link above.

In previous years we've had the prompts a bit in advance but 2020 had us all reeling a bit (or a lot) so we're going day by day this time around.  That makes it a bit more of a challenge to get posts done on time if there are events coming up that might interfere with blogging.

Ha events coming up?  Who am I kidding?  I'm in London where the Covid rates are rising alarmingly and we're all on a Stay at Home order.  Not much change there from most of 2020. (It wasn't quite that bad but it's beginning to feel like it was.)

Anyway of course I have time for blogging.  What else am I going to do?  Well if you check out my 21 in 21 you'll see I do have some ideas.

But I'm starting to waffle which is the nature of this blog and today's prompt is "speech" so let's get back to that.  Another thing I'm trying to do in January is to follow a literary calendar that was published by The Guardian/Observer newspaper (and online of course).  The idea is to feed your brain.  The calendar will "take you into magical realms of poetry and prose, argument and imagination.  It will transport you to some places you always wanted to explore, but couldn't find the time, and to others you never knew existed, where you will find strange and wnderful things."

Still with me? Well today's link was to Maya Angelou reading her poem "And Still I Rise" (see I got to speech eventually).

You can listen to it here and if you're interested you can check out the calendar here.



  1. I always loved "And Still I Rise". Excellent!

  2. And Still I Rise is an excellent quote for all of us to remember. Happy new year, Wendy! Hoping for a better year than the one just past!!

    1. I think this year definitely has to be better. Happy New Year.


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