Monday, 11 January 2021

#JusJoJan - 11/1/21 - Letter


Today's prompt is letter.  To find out more about the Just Jot it January challenge go here.

I'm beginning to forget what a letter looks like.  Our postal service is really struggling to cope at the moment.  They are short staffed due to the current Covid situation.  Consequently we haven't had any letters for over a week now.  Fortunately most things are taken care of electronically but....

Today I finally contacted a local  GP service to register and was told the process is:  

They mail out registration forms to us

We fill them in and mail them back. (Or hand deliver them I think.)

They then contact our former GP for our records.  (Thankfully that bit is done electronically!)

Hmm we might not be registered for a while.   Although that might not be a bad thing as I'll be due a repeat on medication in a couple of weeks so that will probably go through my old GP and then I'll have 3 months to sort out switching.

Hopefully we won't fall through the net when it comes to being called for the Covid vaccination.   I think a lot of that is being done by text message.  Fingers crossed.

Watch this space.


  1. They mail out registration forms? Then you fill them out and mail them back? Haven't they heard of the Internet?

  2. Our vaccine system here in our area is awful. We are in the "first wave" with our age group but getting through to the health department to get an appointment is ridiculous. I have dialed the phone over 200 times today and the line is always busy. I called over 150 times yesterday. There are better ways to handle this. Maddening. Good luck to us all!!

  3. Good Luck Wendy... keep us updated.


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