Sunday, 3 January 2021

#JusJoJan - 3/1/21 - Servant

Wasn't sure where to go with this prompt but then I thought I'd share my recent experience with Royal Mail - they're a servant of the Queen after all.

If you've been following me you'll know that we were hoping to have a family Christmas together with all our kids.  The plans got scuppered which left me with presents here for my son and his family in Nottingham.

I also had his wellies!

My son and DIL were sensible in that they ordered presents for their Secret Santa recipients to be delivered here.  So far so good.

But he also ordered a pair of wellies in anticipation of being here for muddy forest walks.

Wellies are heavy!  But he might need them.  And who knows when he'll be able to get down here next or we'll be able to visit them?

Anyway, like a good Mother, I have parcelled up their gifts and the wellies.  The parcel is, understandably, heavy!

Now the one thing I do like about Royal Mail is that you can buy and print off postage labels online.  Great for letters and small packets that will fit in the post box that's 50 yards up the road.  Or even the priority posting box that's 1/2 a mile away.

But parcels.  They need to be taken to a post office, or in some cases a delivery centre.

Except, oh wait, they now do collections from as little as 72p.  Yes that's right prices start at 72p.  Well I thought that was at least worth checking out.  Of course I expected it to be more than that given the cost of sending the parcel but it actually cost me 72p! 

They're supposed to collect it on Monday.  Phew, another job ticked off my to do list!

Now where's the servant to take down the Christmas tree and decorations?


  1. How much is that in dollars? (just wondering)---your money is so different than ours, grin. It cost me $13 to send a package to Georgia from NY (2 lbs of coffee and a jar of homemade chutney). But yet, their package to us was less. ANYWAYS---Wellies, I have purple plaid ones and yes, they are heavy.

    Hope you have a beautiful week ahead. NY state is like Great Britain with all the restrictions, but I think you knew that, grin.

  2. Nice that your parcel will be picked up! Our postal service doesn't do that. Stay safe and healthy over there. I saw in our morning newspaper that Florida has its first case of the "UK Covid strain" that is supposed to be worse. Scary stuff.

    1. Well it's worse in that it's spreading more easily and quickly but they keep telling us it doesn't make you more ill and should respond to the vaccines. Fingers crossed!

  3. Right! Where is that servant when you need them??? haha.


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