Monday, 4 January 2021

#JusJoJan - 4/1/21 - Fingertips

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This pandemic has caused so much grief and upset but honestly, Hubby and I've come off lightly so far.  Yes we aren't able to see family members as we would like and our social lives have been severely curtailed but we're well and working family members still have jobs.

I'm lucky in that I'm no longer working.  If I was I think I would be hanging on by my fingertips.

As a school business manager I had responsibility for the health and safety of the school.  During this pandemic that would have been a nightmare.

Teachers (and the wider school staff) have come in for some (in my opinion) very unfair criticism during the pandemic.  Very often schools have been referred to as closed but in actual fact they have remained open the whole time providing on site teaching for vulnerable children and children of key workers while having to grapple with new technology etc to enable them to remotely teach pupils who have been "home schooled".

The suggestion that with schools "closed" teachers have had an easy time of things is farcical.

What is even more farcical, not to mention dangerous, is that they have been expected to put theirselves in danger by continuing to work without the benefit of PPE, social distancing or other measures being put in place to protect them.

As an employer there is a duty of care to your staff to provide a safe working environment for them.  That's why we've seen screens going up in shops etc, PPE being provided and distance markings appearing on the ground.

I'm not sure  I could have signed off on a risk assessment that left school staff inadequately protected.  I probably wouldn't still have my job because of that.

As I'm preparing this post there are rumours beginning to circulate that our Government is meeting today to consider a national lockdown until possibly April.

If the science backs up that this is needed then we have to accept it.  Yes it will be hard but with vaccines being rolled out there is light at the end of the tunnel.  

Most of us have no life experience that compares to this situation.  We're too young to have lived through a war that directly impacted our lives.  Maybe anyone who's been imprisioned might have known what the loss of liberty would feel like.

I think my fingertips will be getting a lot of exercise on my computer keyboard and on my phone.  I'm very glad of the touch typing course I did way back when life was simpler.

The priority has to be staying safe and virus free until the vaccine programme does its job and we can defeat this invisible enemy.  Let's hope 2021 is the year that it will happen.


  1. I'm shocked teachers have been expected to work without PPE and other safety measures. At my grandchildren's school, which reverted to online during the hard lockdown, they could only open again with everybody wearing masks, half the usual capacity and social distancing. Glad you are out of it all.

  2. That's a scandal how your government treats teachers ! Here it's just the opposite, they are honored and congratulated that they despite the danger are still there for the children !Unbelievable.I don't count too much on the vaccin there is too much blabla around it and why do they start with retirement homes and 100 year old people ?? They don't have many years to loose. I don't know if they said it in your news but there is a new version of the Corona Virus coming from the UK, which is very contagious more than the "normal" one. Now I appreciate that I can listen to the German, French, Italian, Belgian and BBC News and make my own opinion. Not all is said from country to country !! Especially the statistics and the opinion about the vaccin. I wait until one of our dear government members will accept to be vaccinated !So far they are so generous, to say that we the people have priority ! I don't want to play the guinea pig !! The Queen volunteered but the doctors refused ! Strange, with other over 90 year old people they were less careful !! The government can save a lot of pension with all the old guinea pigs !! One thing is for sure we are all manipulated ! Nobody knows the side effects either. Wait and see ! and be careful that's all we can do.

    1. Oh yes we are very aware of the new variant and how fast it is spreading. Our numbers are horrific.

  3. I respect your experience and your opinions, Wendy. I get upset when non-Americans comment on our government so I won't comment on yours... but I respect your opinion and hear what you are saying!! Looking forward to the vaccine. Had a really good and in-depth conversation with our cardiologist today and he has convinced us to get one as soon as we can (and to stop believing what we read on FB). He got his first jab last week. We all just have to hang in there.

    1. Thank Terri. I'll definitely be getting the vaccine when it's offered.

  4. Hi Wendy,
    Happy New Year. I always enjoy learning about the UK from you. And I am sure it is interesting to learn from me about Wisconsin. ;-)
    One of our friends is in the health care line of work, he got his first dose of the vaccine.
    Keep in touch my friend,

    1. Thanks Carla and yes it's always interesting to hear about other parts of the world.

  5. As a former educator back in the early 70s, I can tell you anyone involved in education is struggling and working very very hard. A Nightmare for sure. Health care workers also - in the worst of nightmares. I will be glad when this is all over.

    1. Thanks but not sure it's ever going to be completely over.


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