Friday, 14 January 2022

Fridays Fave Five & #JusJoJan22 - 14th January

It's Friday again so time for a round up of the 5 things I'm grateful for this week for Friday's Fave Five while also including reference to today's prompt for the Just Jot it January challenge which is Freckled.

Friday's Fave Five is hosted by Susanne here  and for the Just Jot it January posts go here.

1.  Well I've gone for a snowy picture for the FFF but we haven't had snow this week.  It has however been cold.  Cold enough for frost some mornings but I'm grateful because we've also had clear skies and sunshine.

2.  I've managed to drink the content of my water bottle on most days this week.  I didn't quite finish it every day but just drinking some is progress for me.  Hopefully as my body adjusts it will stop sending me to the toilet quite so often!

3.  I'm currently reading American Dirt which I'm finding a challenge.  But it's a good challenge as during the last year, although I read a lot of books many of them were Chick Lit, Romances or Crime Thrillers, many by favourite authors of mine.  I wasn't really challenging myself at all.  It's good to be reading something out of my comfort zone again.

4.  Good TV.  There have been lots of good dramas on the TV recently, some of which Hubby and I have enjoyed watching together.  We are quite different in our tastes so it's nice to find things we can sit down together and watch - even if sometimes we end up binge watching something and going to bed much to late.  (Last night we finished the latest series of The Bay and I'm paying for the late night today.)

5.  Being able to see so much of our grandchildren.  Ella was here today and we also had Nathan here after school for a bit.  Ella is getting very chatty and she's always happy to see Grandpa.  She's usually happy to see me but I know she associates me with Mummy going out so I'm not her favourite grandparent.  I snapped these photos at lunchtime:

So lots to be grateful for but not a freckle in sight.

Have a good weekend all.


  1. Ella is just darling. So glad you got to spend some time with her. I have American Dirt on my "to read" stack and I think it is one I need to read in the coming year. I hope you are staying well and that you have a good weekend. See you again soon!

  2. how cute little Ella is!! THOSE CHEEKS!!

    Glad you could find a series you both like.......I'd love to stay up late with my honey but alas...teaching begins at 8:30 and I have to be in my classroom by 8 am which means leaving my house at 7:30 which means an alarm time of 5:45 in the winter. are blessed to not work!

    I haven't read American Dirt although I've seen it on the library shelves and in bookstores.


  3. Look at Ella's beautiful hair!! A very nice list, Wendy. I need to look up that book. Interesting! Have a good weekend! xo

  4. Ella is so cute. Even without freckles...
    Winter is definitely the time to snuggle up and read lots of books.
    Hubby and I enjoy our British mystery shows like Vera and Poirot. We were delighted to watch the newest James Herriot episode, too, this week. It's always good to relax and enjoy a show or movie together.
    Good job on drinking your water!

  5. Your children are lucky to have such welcoming grandparents ! My parents never helped me when Dario was a baby although they lived around the corner ! Even when he was sick I had to hire a babysitter !Later they returned to Germany and then he was already 7 or 8 and spent a week with them near Bonn.
    I really have enough of winter, cold, covid, it's time that spring arrives ! Today it's so foggy that I don't see the house in front of our terrace !

  6. I always liked it when my kids and grandkids got to the 'highchair' stage. I could keep them busy AND in one place:) Ella is darling and such beautiful hair! My hubs and I are enjoying Foyle's War. Each episode is quite long, making me less inclined to binge.

  7. To clarify, the puppy is my daughter's. I am sure we will have lots of walks with him, but he won't live at my house.

  8. Ella is a cutie! In this day and age where families move so far from one another it's a true blessing that you can see your grandkids so often and have them close by! Good for you for challenging yourself in your reading. I started a daunting one months ago, "The Great Infulenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History" hoping to learn more about how they stopped it but boy of boy it's dense with lots of virus and research history. I got to around a hundred pages and it still hasn't come to where the Spanish flu hit. Yikes, it will take me a while. My hubby and I are watching "Hudson and Rex" together and it's fun to share that viewing time on something we both like.

  9. I've not heard of that book. We've been enjoying the series someone mentioned above, All Creatures Great and Small, a remake of the earlier series. It's so nice to have grandkids near enough to visit often.


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