Sunday, 23 January 2022

#JusJoJan22 - 23rd January - Surviving

Oh my goodness.  I'm the name behind today's prompt of Surviving and I'm only just getting here to post - it's 10.30 pm here in the UK so hopefully most people will be behind me in time and not looked here yet. I had it in my head that my day was the 26th which if I'd thought about it wouldn't have been right because that's Wednesday and there is no prompt as such for the challenge on that day.  Now, if like me, you're feeling confused, you can find out all about Just Jot it January here.  As in how it works, the rules, the lovely Linda who sets it all up and even find some other bloggers who are taking part to visit.

I really am just about surviving here with the challenge.  My blogging took a serious dip towards the end of 2021.  Well lots of things took a dip really thanks to this ongoing pandemic but I've done the Just Jot it January since 2017 and I'm often flying by the seat of my pants with my posts.  This year is no exception but I was determined to kick start 2022 with some consistent blogging.  (I use the term consistent loosely, as in I'm trying to blog everyday but the quality of content is far from reliable.)

I wrote yesterday about how we've been helping my daughter and her family as they prepare to move house.  We have been with them again today helping to sort and pack and get rid of stuff, while trying to keep 2 young children happy.  Not the easiest of tasks.

The crazy thing is that I've spent time at their new home cleaning after some decorating was done and my own home is looking very unloved.  Of course I had the good excuse that my vacuum cleaner was at their house so I couldn't vacuum.  Ditto my mop.

Hopefully we'll all survive until the 31st when they have to be out of their old house and into the new.  Will I survive my Just Jot it Challenge?  I'm trying my best.


  1. I hear you. Life is a way of surviving all the bad and good things. I'm always trying to blog daily, and it gets harder and harder.

  2. You are doing great, Wendy! With all you have on your plate, helping the kids with their move, you keep showing up here with your posts! Have a blessed week ahead!

  3. Sending hugs for the move. My sister is planning to move this spring, she is struggling to find a home. She recently was hired and starting a new career path, but the housing market is very tight in the area she landed her new job.

    You can do it Wendy.
    xx oo

  4. I think you have done great with the "Just Jot" challenge. Good for you. Hope you can slow down a bit soon. Have a good week.

  5. Moving is always a bigger job than we expect it to be. Your daughter is lucky to have your help. Take care!

  6. You're doing a great job with the challenge, especially considering all that's on your plate. Moving with little ones underfoot is huge! and it's great that you are there to help.

  7. I'm sure you'll be happy when it's all finished. Any excuse not to clean my house is a good one - LOL

  8. Thanks for the prompt! Will be posting my response tomorrow in a 3-day bundle of JusJoJan.


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