Monday, 18 April 2016

O is for Oxford Street

The theme for my A-Z posts this year is London Underground Stations.  I've chosen a station for each letter and at the end of each post I've listed the other stations for that letter with their Wikipedia entries.  I've tried to visit each station and take my own photos.

Oxford Circus Station is at the junction of Oxford Street and Regent Street in London’s West End.  The station serves the Bakerloo, Central and Victoria Lines.  It is the busiest station in the UK.
Oxford Circus stn Bakerloo building.jpg
Image courtesy of Wikipedia

The Central line station opened in 1900 followed closely by the Bakerloo line in 1906.  The Victoria line did not open until 1969.  There were several reconstructions and improvements in between.  Some of these were aimed at easing congestion and some led to the original lifts being replaced by escalators.
Station entrance at the junction of Oxford St. and Regent St.

There are four entrances to the station at each corner of the road junction – these being stairways down to the concourse where the entry and exit barriers are to the escalators leading down to the various platforms.  To the east of the junction on Argyll Street are the original station entrances to the Bakerloo line and the Central Line.  These were built independently although there were connecting passageways underground to switch lines.

When I travelled there this week I was amazed at how quiet the concourse was.  I’ve been there at the end of the working day and it is manic.  Sometimes they even have to close the entrances to the station due to overcrowding.  
An extremly empty concourse!

Both Oxford Street and Regent Street are magnets for tourists particularly with many flagship stores nearby.  Oxford Street boasts John Lewis, Peter Jones and Selfridges to name a few while on Regent Street the most famous are probably Liberty and Hamleys.

London Palladium Theatre.jpg
London Palladium - courtesy of Wikipedia
The London Palladium is just by the station in Argyll Street.  One of the UK’s most famous theatres, it has hosted the Royal Variety Performance more than any other theatre, most recently in 2014.

Looking north along Regent Street Old Souls Church can be seen and beyond that is the BBC’s Broadcasting House.

It is a very busy area of London and one I try to avoid if possible.  During my visit I escaped to one of the City’s green spaces, Cavendish Square Gardens, just behind John Lewis for a picnic lunch.  
Back entrance of John Lewis

Cavendish Square Gardens.
 I also had a quick browse in John Lewis, (they have free, clean toilets) and managed to get some wool that I needed.  It was a good day out.

Other “O” stations are:

Next stop P is for ...?  Come back tomorrow to find out.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. It's a while since I used any underground station in London. Back in the seventies, I had regularly to visit an office in Oxford Street, for which the nearest station was Baker Street. The office was across the road from Harrod's, and received some slight damage from one of the IRA's calling cards. My strongest memory from those days has to be lunch in the Steering Wheel Club in (as I recall) Curzon Street.

    Thanks for dredging those memories up for me.

    Keith Channing A-Zing from

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love your theme this year. My family immigrated to the US from England when I was 5. I still feel such an attachment to the UK...and have family that still lives there. Your posts bring me good memories and now I want to visit again. It's been almost 10 years since my last visit! Too long!

  3. I think you must be really enjoying checking out the stations for your A-Z posts. A brilliant idea and so fun to keep up with. Sorry I don't always leave a comment, but I am enjoying what you are doing!

  4. Mr. Selfridge is from Chicago, and before opening his store worked for Marshall Field and Co. I understand Selfridge's looks a lot like Field's did when he worked there.

    I might never get to England again (disabilities make travel too much of a chore) so it's nice to be able to travel like this. Thanks!

  5. I wouldn't want to be in those places when it is manic. I love this theme. Just in case I have told you. Such a glimpse into London!

  6. I love your theme! We spent a week in London with the kids a few years ago and stayed in an apartment near the Willesden Green station. Such an enjoyable adventure to explore the city with the family! Looking forward to following along!


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