Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge 13/4/16

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1. What's the last thing you did that could be described as 'taxing'?
Having to cope with my hubby being awake at 6.00 am this morning.  He thought, having brought me a cup of tea at 6.30 that I would be happy to chat!  Have I mentioned that I’m not a morning person?
2. If you could plant a garden of anything, what would be in it?
3. April 10-16 is National Library Week...will you celebrate with a visit to your nearest library? When did you last make a trip to the library? What are you reading right now? What's one title on your want-to-read list?
I won’t be making a special trip unless I get an e-mail to let me know any of my reservations are there.  I recently rejoined my library so I’ve been going fairly regularly.  I’ve just finished First One Missing by Tammy Cohen but that was passed on by my daughter.  Last library book was The Food of Love by Prue Leith.  One title on my want to read list?  Any of Jane Austen’s works except Pride and Prejudice.  (Read that already.)
4. Share a saying or an old wives tale you heard while growing up, you believed to be true or that you paid attention to 'just in case'
Hard to remember a just in case saying but I can recall one that was really annoying “Do as I say not as I do.”
5. Are you a fan of onions? Garlic? Ginger? What's a dish you love that contains one, two or all three items listed?
I like all of those and my hubby will often stir fry chicken and use all three plus lots of other veg.
6. Where does nurturing end and indulging begin? What are some skills or qualities you think a person needs to possess in order to be viewed as mature?
I think it can be a fine line between nurturing and indulging.  I always tried to be fair with my children but also making them aware that sometimes life isn’t fair.  I think a mature person has to have empathy for other people and also be prepared to put others before themselves.
7. What leading figure in any field would you like to hear speak, and why?
I think it would be great to hear our Queen speak on how she really feels about being Queen and her opinions on our leading politicians.  Never going to happen unfortunately lol
8. Insert your own random thought here.
Whew keeping up with the A-Z challenge and all the normal blogging is hard work! 


  1. My hubby is an early riser, too, but he knows better than to bother me :)
    My hat is off to you, for taking on the A to Z Challenge!
    Kathy (Reflections)

  2. I almost said the Queen. I think she'd have some great stories, even if she left politicians out of the mix. I am so with you on your random thought!!

  3. The Queen is a great choice! Wouldn't it be amazing to hear her actual thoughts on her feelings on being Queen? Actually, it would be even better to have her thoughts at various times throughout her life - before becoming Queen, early on, in the middle, etc.

  4. I enjoyed your Hodgepodge! I HAVE to get up early and am looking forward to retirement so I don't have to. No problem...Joe always sleeps late!

  5. I still say that tale! The Queen is an excellent choice.


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