Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Q is for Queensway

The theme for my A-Z posts this year is London Underground Stations.  I've chosen a station for each letter and at the end of each post I've listed the other stations for that letter with their Wikipedia entries.  I've tried to visit each station and take my own photos.

I chose Queensway station because, of the 3 "Q" stations, it's the only one I've been to but I wasn't able to revisit in time for this post so you'll have to make do with this image from the Wikipedia entry:

Queensway tube station.jpg
Queensway Station

It opened in 1900 as Queen's Road, was renamed Queensway in 1946 and is on the Central Line.

I don't have a great deal more to say about it as it's a long time since I was there.  So I will digress onto why I was ever there.  It's the station you need for Queen's Ice Rink.  Although I've now discovered that it's Queen's Ice Rink and Bowl with 10 pin bowling available as well as Karaoke according to the website.  I'm not going to provide a link to that - it's unimpressive and doesn't actually seem to provide any information about Karaoke.  Not that I'd be interested in that of course.  Karaoke is something I'm only prepared to do in the company of family members and not very often.

But I did visit the Ice Rink back in my teenage years.  I can vaguely remember going with school friends.  (It's a long time ago!)  We went a few times when we were old enough to go and do these things without adult supervision but still too young to be out drinking and clubbing.

I know I wasn't very good at skating.  I have weak ankles.  Not a good thing when trying to balance on a thin piece of metal on a slippery surface.  My ankles are weak because, at the age of 14, I spent over 8 weeks with both feet in plaster.  I looked like I was wearing a pair of white boots as the plaster cast went up to my knees.  This was following an operation on both feet to correct bunions.  A bunion for anyone who doesn't know is a bony deformity of the joint at the base of the big toe.  In my case I had them on both feet.  One was so bad it caused by big toe to push underneath the next one.   They were painful and made it very difficult to get comfortable shoes.  Well comfortable shoes that didn't look old-fashioned.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I was able to walk in the plaster casts so continued attending school.  The toes were straighter afterwards but my ankles were never as strong and my career as a ballerina was curtailed.  Well my dreams of being a ballerina.  Pointe work wasn't an option on my remodelled toes but I did manage to continue tap and modern dancing classes until 18.

So not much information on the station today but a bit more on my life story.

Other “Q” stations are:

Next stop R is for ...? Come back tomorrow to find out.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. Okay, I just think this is a cool quirky theme! I'm posting weekly "best of A to Z" posts (instead of actually doing A to Z myself), and I'm adding you!

    Rebecca at The Ninja Librarian

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  3. (Edited to remove evidence of Fat Finger Syndrome)

    Have I already said that this is an interesting theme?

    If not - this is an interesting theme, and I am anjoying the information you are giving.

    Keith Channing A-Zing from

    1. Yes thank you Keith. It can get a bit confusing with the number of people taking part :)

  4. Tap and modern dance was lots more fun than ballet, as I remember (100 years ago! Ha!). I grew up ice skating on our local lake. We wore double socks and laced the skates TIGHT so our ankles would hold up for hours and hours on a Saturday when the lake was frozen. So much fun!

  5. I always wanted to learn to ice skate! I would love to gracefully, glide across the ice. I am sure that isn't going to happen!

  6. Pleased to find your blog and see that I am not the only one fascinated by the Underground.


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