Saturday, 21 January 2017

#SoCS & #JusJoJan 21/1/17 - Glass

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Today's prompt is glass.  This is my favourite type of glass.

Preferably full of red wine.  I'm probably a glass half-empty sort of person.  Trying to improve on that.  It's a WIP. (work in progress) But my wine glass actually is probably better totally empty, with just the tell tale stain of red at the bottom to show what was there.

I enjoyed a glass (or two) yesterday with friends for lunch.  I made a main dish that I'd done before so I knew that should turn out ok but in the aim of pushing myself I tried out a dessert I hadn't done before.  That was ok too.  Took longer to cook than the recipe said but it didn't matter as we were just happy being together, chatting and catching up on each other's news.

Hopefully I'm not sounding like an alcoholic here.  I'm actually not a big drinker at all.  I don't like spirits or beer so my drink of choice is usually a glass of wine.  Trouble is when you are sitting eating and chatting they can go down rather too easily.  I think because I'm usually the designated driver and don't drink that often, when I do have the extra glass or so I usually regret it.  I'm trying to take things slower.  Another WIP.  Everything seems to be a WIP at the moment but I guess that's life!


  1. I agree life is definitely a WIP, and slow n steady wins the race in the end :D

  2. That's the thing with wine: you usually don't realize how much you've had until you stand up.

  3. I love wine! My life is a WIP too. Aren't they all!!! I also follow the notion of the glass half empty. My husband was from the glass half full philosophy! We made a good team!

  4. Not the worst thing, drinking too much wine in good company :) Nice post!

  5. Alcoholic ?? You should live here ! When you invite you have to count half a bottle of wine per person. Normally everybody drinks wine every day during the meals. The funniest is, that wine and beer is not considered as alcohol. Alcohol is stronger stuff like Wodka or Whisky ! During special occasions like Christmas meals or birthdays even the little once get a glass of wine with water !!
    In France and Italy it's the same ! I had to get used to it !


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