Monday, 30 January 2017

#JusJoJan - Day 30 - Blue

If you want to join in the fun or just see what others are jotting pop over to Linda's site.  You'll find all the rules there too.

The Just Jot It January 30th prompt, brought to you by John Holton of The Sound of One Hand Typing, is: “Blue.” Use it any way you’re inspired to. And make sure you stop by and say hi to John as well! Here’s his blog:

Well yesterday's prompt was History and my post was history as soon as I felt a migraine kicking in and took myself off to bed.  Better today, minor lingering headache and the general apathy that usual follows so Blue is a good prompt for me today.

It's really hard sometimes to understand why you can feel blue even when you have so much going for you including a lovely supportive family.  But there is often no rhyme or reason to it.  I'm better at pulling myself out of it than I used to be.  Giving up my job was the best thing I ever did on that front.  

Piling pressure on ourselves and trying to meet impossible standards seems to be a factor of everyday life for many of us but eventually something has to give.  I decided it wasn't going to be my health.  But January can be a miserable month.  It's anticlimatic after Christmas and often the weather isn't the best for getting out and walking.  I know that exercise helps to lift my mood and I have been getting out when I can and we have had some lovely blue skies even if the temperature hasn't been much above freezing.

One of the reasons I opted in to the Just Jot it January was to keep me focussed on something and keep me blogging regularly.  I haven't made it here every single day but have missed less than I thought I would.  Now I need to think of a slogan for February to keep me going.

Hmm, February Fables?  Probably not.  I don't count myself as part of the writing group that joins in here. Yes I write but it's not instalments of a novel or poetry or anything else that would be worthy of publication but that's fine.  That's not my aim.

Maybe I'll do a February Fitbit log.  Although if I don't move more than I did this month that might not be very interesting either.  I'll have to put my thinking cap on.

On a positive note there was a post today on the A-Z Challenge blog (find it here) which talked about a big announcement coming next week.  The heading has also been changed to 2017.  That's encouraging because I've already done some work on my posts for that.  Looking forward to finding out more.

John who supplied today's prompt is part of the organising team so thanks to him for that. 

Actually blue is one of my favourite colours.  I wear it a lot.  Jeans are meant to be blue.  Right?


  1. I don't have migraine, but otherwise I feel like you, rather blu without any reason except that January is a boring month ! The weather is bad, there is nothing going on, what keeps me busy is writing, because that's what I really love. Fortunately I have the blogs, because household work is not at all a satisfactory occupation for me ! Now the days become longer so the end of winter approaches !

  2. I have enjoyed your posts! I can't decide if I want to do A to Z this year. (remember I said that last year too) It is the January blues for sure!!

  3. Blue is the sky, the sea, the cornflowers in Summer. Maybe February could be the month of colour. The challenge could be to choose something that is a different colour/shade for each day to photograph.


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