Monday, 16 January 2017

#JusJoJan Day 16 - Impenetrable.

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Shan Jeniah for holding the fort while Linda takes a breather and Blog Woman who supplied today's prompt which is IMPENETRABLE.

Great word. I will confess to checking out the definition which confirmed I had the correct meaning as in a fortress that's impossible to enter.  I'd like to build one of those around myself sometimes to ensure peace and quiet.  Especially while blogging.  Or reading.  Or watching a thriller on TV.  Hubby is great for not following the plot and then he starts asking questions just when you really need to follow what's going on!  Of course a wall around myself is not needed so much now that the kids are adults but it would have been very useful sometimes when they were growing up.  Although it probably would have been more productive to build a wall around them to keep them contained.  Because if you can't get in it must mean they can't get out.

Another context for impenetrable can be when something is incomprehensible such as jargon.  (Self-assembly furniture instructions in a foreign language springs to mind.) I hate jargon but hubby hates it even more and when the jargon is abbreviated to letters it really winds him up.  I must admit to finding it annoying when there's no explanation of an abbreviation.  I was always taught that if you were going to do that in a text you had to put in full first, with the abbreviation after so that anyone reading the text could understand it.

Nowadays it often seems that we're just supposed to know what all the abbreviations mean.  It's the same with text messages.  Most of will know that LOL means laughing out loud but there are many people who will think it's lots of love.

I'm not so impervious to an argument that I don't accept language evolves but it should be improving not going backwards and it needs to be understandable and hopefully not just a load of waffle.  On that note I'm calling a halt!


  1. I used to be great at jargon and abbreviations. Now, not so much.

    1. It's hard when they keep giving things new names.

  2. I'm good at veterinary jargon. Directions, not so much!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. My sense of direction is pretty good. Veterinary jargon - no clue!


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