Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Warning! JusJoJan 3


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Today's prompt was supplied by Dan

Warning!  This is just going to be waffle.

I need to get my head around the plan for the day.  I work better with a plan.  I've managed to stall my cleaner until tomorrow so that I can tidy a bit and not have to put warning signs up like "open this cupboard at your own risk - I will not be responsible for what falls out on you" or "enter this room at your own risk - the floor is not wet but it is hidden under a variety of items all designed to trip you up"

Fortunately I know I am not the only person who tidies up before the cleaner comes.

I also need to get the Christmas stuff down and put away.  I usually wait until the 6th but, yep the cleaner visit has prompted me to get it done today so it's easier for her tomorrow.  Plus hubby is home today so he can put the tree etc back in the loft.  Fortunately the loft no longer comes with it's own warning as we had a proper loft ladder installed soon after we moved in.  The previous arrangement for accessing the loft definitely needed a health warning.

I digress.  So: tidy.  Tree down. Oh and fit in some shopping.  Some fat free, low calorie you know what I mean sort of post Christmas shopping.   Christmas foods need more warnings on them like "DON'T EAT THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DREAD GETTING ON THE SCALES IN JANUARY" sort of warnings.  

I of course would not have heeded such warnings anyway as the scales proved yesterday.  

I think 3 things to do is enough for now.  Can anyone tell me how to set up a warning on my laptop though?  Something along the lines of:  "Warning, this device will wipe itself clean if not closed within the next 5 minutes."


  1. This post was a hoot! Loved it!

  2. This post was a hoot! Loved it!

  3. HaHA! I hope you got all your jobs done! :-)

  4. I had to smile reading your post as I am sitting here looking at the detritus of Christmas. A bare tree, decorations everywhere but what am I doing? Reading blog posts! You have spurred me into action. I will now close the computer, get dressed, go to the gym, clean the house from top to bottom, do the shopping..... Well maybe one more cup of tea first.

  5. Loved this post! I need all of these warnings too. I don't have a house cleaner come here because of what you mentioned. If I am going to have to clean the house before she comes I might as well save the money!!

  6. I think everyone needs warnings like these...


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