Sunday, 15 January 2017

Catch up Sunday #SoCS #JusJo Jan

MERCY on me! (Pretty please.)

I have fallen behind on Just Jot it January - today's prompt appropriately being Mercy.  Click here for details of how and where to join in. Thanks to
Shan Jeniah! for holding the fort while Linda takes a breather and
BarbCT who supplied today's prompt

I missed Friday's prompt (Hospital - supplied by Charlene at 

Saturday?  The SoCS prompt was:

A word that starts with “P.” Find a word that begins with the letter “p,” and make it the theme of your post. Bonus points for starting and ending your post with a “p” word. Enjoy!

Pondering!  That's what I've been doing.  As in how did I drop the ball and not post for two days, especially when I was doing so well.  On Friday I was quite busy, preparing the spare room for my son and his wife who were here for the weekend.  (I'm going to totally blame them for being AWOL)  I intended to post in the evening but then they arrived and we got chatting and then... this happened:
black screens.  Fear not, this was part of another challenge I'm doing which required disconnecting early on Friday and avoiding social media.  All well and good except when you haven't done your Friday JJJ post on hospitals.

I could also use the excuse that I don't like hospitals.  I guess most of don't have happy experiences, after all we usually end up there because something's wrong.  The experience most locked in my memory is when my husband was admitted, back in 2005, following a bad accident where he was knocked off his bike by a van.  Soon after he was admitted and while still very unwell and confused, he managed to wander out of bed, looking for a toilet.  Unfortunately he had pulled out an arterial line so he was spraying blood everywhere he went.  Following his tracks was easy if somewhat gory to do!  

Of course some of you might think that as I have 3 children all born in hospitals there should be some happy memories.  Well #3 was a relatively easy delivery, despite being the biggest baby but #1 was born after a dramatic dash to theatre down what seemed like endless corridors and under general anaesthetic so it was a relief when I woke up to see a healthy baby.  #2 was also not straightforward and all I would advise is, if given the choice between pushing or forceps, PUSH!

Phew that's me caught up. Hopefully normal service will be resumed tomorrow.


  1. {{{grinning}}}} thanks Wendy...have a beautiful upcoming week, friend.

  2. You don't want to read my hospital post, then. Forceps did not lead to a happy result for our #2.

    Great job catching up, though, and a totally acceptable reason for being behind!

  3. Not always as easy as it sounds to write and publish a post when you have other priorities so well done for catching up.

  4. Wow - that's quite the experience your husband went through. That must have been nice to have your son and daughter-in-law visit. Have a great week!


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