Monday, 2 January 2017

Where does the time go? JusJoJan 2


Just Jot It January is led by Linda G. Hill.  

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Today's prompt was supplied by Joanna

Time is such an elusive thing.  When we're waiting for something we want it seems to pass slowly but then when we take our eye off the ball it seems to fly by.

This year I want to try and waste less time.  I could procrastinate for England without even trying.  I can spend hours doing nothing very productive.  I'm hoping to put a bit more structure into my days but also to be kind to myself and not get bogged down with guilt if I do pass an hour (or more) doing puzzles, flicking through Facebook posts and so on......

I don't want to be thinking "that's an hour of my life I won't get back"  I need to accept that sometimes I just need to do something mundane.   Sometimes.  But not all the time.  I want to plan more good times.  I need to work on that.  I just need some time!

Did get some quality time with my daughter and DIL today though: lunch out in Highgate.  
Even discovered by accident where George Michael lived - hard to miss the house with all the people outside with flowers, balloons etc. 


  1. So sad about George Michael! I wasn't much of a fan but it is still sad. I need to quit wasting so much time too! But I am going to call it enjoyment and not make myself feel guilty. We deserve some much needed enjoyment!

  2. You need to make time to plan the fun things you want to do. Right before bed works for me...

  3. I don't make resolutions, but setting goals might work. Good luck with yours! For goodness sake, don't feel guilty for taking time to do things you enjoy!! Life is too short. The girls look so happy! Glad you had time to go out for lunch with them!


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