Tuesday, 24 January 2017

#JusJoJan Day 24 - Elusive.

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Today's prompt is elusive brought to us by Eclectic Evelyn  And thoughts of what to write about are proving elusive too.  My ability to keep to a knitting pattern also seems to be eluding me.  I'm making something where the main block consists of a 4 row pattern.  In theory it's really simple.  In practise it's a nightmare.  (As is my knowledge of when to use practice or practise.)  I've probably had to undo half of the rows I've knitted.  Well not quite but it's annoying and my patience is another elusive quality when I'm trying to unpick the rows.

It probably has something to do with trying to watch the TV and knit at the same time.  Works fine if it's a really simple pattern as in knit every stitch, but throw in anything slightly complicated and either I lose the plot of the drama I'm watching or I realise I have to backtrack on another row that's not quite right.

I suppose it doesn't help being a bit of a perfectionist and also convinced that I can multi task.  Whatever gave me that idea?  Nothing elusive about that.  I'm a woman!
Image result for knitting image funnyBe very afraid!


  1. Mary just uses the TV as background noise. She also keeps a lot of simple projects for church or when she's out with her friends,ones that are simple knit a row, purl a row. When she has to do counting or has a difficult section to get through, everything's off, including me.

  2. Ha! I am exactly the same! When I am knitting, if the TV is on at the same time, I can't concentrate on it properly! If I do, the knitting definitely suffers! :-)


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