Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Just a one liner jot! #jusjojan day 4

  JusJoJan 4


Just Jot It January is led by Linda G. Hill.  

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There's no prompt for today as Wednesday is usually "One-Liner" day.  I'm opting out of that as I already do a regular (ish) post on Wednesday and although I'm trying to build good habits in this new year there are only so many things you can do in a day.  So my jot for today is a recap of my ongoing weekly to do list.

Take down Christmas stuff - started - a WIP
Tidy up for the cleaner - done! :)
Write a letter to a penpal - done just need to post it tomorrow :)
Write a thank you note - done - just need to post it :)
Ironing FAIL 
Blog each day :)
Read each day :)

This week is going reasonably well.  I'm happy with that.  I will not dwell on any of the other things I haven't done yet!


  1. it reminds me of my goals for the new years...

  2. Ironing sucks! I'm not surprised that was the one thing you didn't get done. Good job on the rest. :D


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