Tuesday, 17 January 2017

#JusJoJan - Day 17 - Complaint

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Shan Jeniah https://shanjeniah.com/about/ for holding the fort while Linda takes a breather and Willow who supplied today's prompt which is COMPLAINT.

Dear Blogger,

(As in Blogger the site not you, the individual currently reading this post.) 

I have a complaint.  Your commenting set up leaves a lot to be desired.  I like to reply to people who comment on my blog.  After all that is only polite.  But I'm never sure if the person leaving the comment knows I've answered.  Of course if I leave a comment on their blog I know they'll get to see it but on my blog?  Who knows?

WordPress have a much better system.  If someone responds to your comment you get notified.  Simple.  Also if I don't have time to leave a comment there I can just click the "Like" button and the blogger will know I've stopped by.  

I know there is a "Like" reaction set up on my posts but it doesn't show who liked it so that's not much use.

I wish you would sort this out.  I don't want to uproot myself all over again so I'm staying put, for now!

Yours (at the moment) faithfully,


PS apologies for the brief content.  I'm in danger of missing the 12 o'clock deadline, again, and turning into a pumpkin.  I have no excuse, just bad time management.  Funny how when you have lots and lots of time it always seems to be running out on you.  Now who do I complain to about that?!



  1. That's the one thing I can't stand about Blogger. The commenting is awful, and there are no pingbacks. If you want to see any replies you have to get them by email, and you don't just get the replies to your comments, you get every comment starting with yours. Wordpress has its problems, too, but Blogger's are showstoppers for me.

  2. This is why my Blogger account just kind of sits there....


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