Saturday, 7 January 2017

#JusJoJan Day 7 plus #SoCS


All in one day!

The prompt today is coat.  Full details of the rules etc can be found over at Linda's site.  Pop over there to see who else is joining in.

I was thinking about this last night and was a bit stumped and then hubby came home, rather late and a bit the worse for wear and proceeded to take his coat off.  The coat being a rain jacket as it was wet out when he left for his usual Friday haunt.  In lowering the hood he realised that he was missing a hearing aid.  (He recently acquired two of these after much protesting that there was nothing wrong with his hearing!)

It was clear that at some point the hearing aid had fallen out, probably when he had struggled to get the hood of the coat out from under the collar on his way home.  I refrained from discussing it too much last night.  It could have got into an argument about the merits of alcohol, especially as this is the second disaster with the hearing aids.  Just before Christmas he decided it was a good idea to wash his face while wearing them.  Definitely not a good idea but fortunately once it had time to dry out the hearing aid continued to work.  He's only had them just over a month.

Today we retraced his route home.  Not too difficult except he wasn't sure exactly which route he'd taken.  I never thought we would be lucky but we were!  Not far from the bar, probably where he had put his hood up there it was.  On the ground.  A bit scraped.  A bit damp and of course it had been turned on all the time so the battery was probably dead.  But at least he still had it.  He would be able to take it to the drop in repair centre and say it wasn't working, rather than it had disappeared!

But guess what?  It's still working!  Hopefully this second mishap will make him be a bit more careful with the hearing aids, especially when wearing a coat!


  1. I hope those hearing aides will survive. It sounds like they have their work cut out for them. :)

  2. Too bad they can't be glued in! HA! My Joe rarely wears his...I would love to glue his in!

  3. OMG ! what a disaster ! Mr. G. has hearing aids too but he doesn't wear them because he pretends that he hears very well ! So I wonder why the doctor has prescribed them. Every day we have "fight" because I can't stand the words : "What did you say " ! Next week I drag him to another doctor, even if I have to use a gun ! I suppose they are not very cheap either, so your dear hubby should be more careful ! Men ! What would they do without us ?


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