Saturday, 2 April 2016

SoCS 2/4/16 - Let me be

Today's A-Z post can be found here

Well SoCS is hosted by Linda – click on the picture to jump to her site and check out the rules etc.


The prompt for this week is Be.  Linda managed to catch several of us out yesterday with an April Fool saying she had decided to stop doing SoCS.  I thought initially this was due to the A-Z challenge that started yesterday and will probably be time consuming for those of us taking part.  Especially relative newbies like me (2nd year) who planned to be totally organised but it hasn’t quite come off.


The prompt of Be was suggested as a possibility of combining the two posts (today’s A-Z letter is B)  but I’ve already done my A-Z post so today I just want to be.


Not be a writer, a mother, a wife but just to be me.  But of course once you are a mother and a wife and all the roles that those two jobs entail it becomes increasingly difficult to just be.


My nest is currently empty so I don’t have too many demands from the kids but I’ve just spent a good half an hour sorting out an IT issue for my hubby.  He will admit that he is useless with technology.  He hasn’t even got a smart phone apart from the shiny new Blackberry his employer provided that I often hear him cursing.  Apparently he now has a shiny new tablet as well.  Good luck with that for his new office mates.  But I had just settled down to be and he was asking for help.  Actually that’s not true.  He huffs and puffs but doesn’t usually ask for help.


Being me is tricky.  Who am I?  Now the kids have flown the nest and I’ve stopped working I’m still figuring that one out.  For now, just let me be.


  1. {{{grinning}}} Oh boy, do I hear you about the hubby being electronically challenged, lol. Have a beautiful rest of the weekend, friend. Blessings to you.

  2. I have been navigating the same region you are with this next stage of life after kids and now heading toward retirement. It is a change to read about a husband who is technologically challenged. :)

  3. So different without kids - I feel that way even when I get just a weekend off. :)


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