Friday 29 April 2022

A-Z challenge 2022 - Y is for Youthful

#AtoZChallenge 2022 Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter

Welcome to the conversations in my head with my friend Alice, previously seen in my 2019 A-Z posts and loosely based on Alice in Wonderland.  At least that's the plan.


Well Alice, what’s today’s word?

Youthful Wendy.

Great.  That might work for you Alice but it doesn’t apply to me.

Well this challenge, or anything come to that, isn’t all about you Wendy.  You have to consider the wider world, think outside the box and all that.

It’s hard to think outside the box Alice when you are contained inside my head.

Yes well maybe if you did think more widely you wouldn’t feel so restricted at times.  You keep talking about how things are opening up now and it’s easier to do things but you’re not actually doing them.  It’s very limiting for me too.  How can I help you with ideas if you don’t give me any new material to work with?


Yes I know, I have a point.

That wasn’t what I was going to say.

Are you sure about that?

Well…. Maybe.

And it’s all very well keep going on about how the grandkids keep you young but from my viewpoint all they seem to do is tire you out.

Yes but it’s a good tired Alice.  A satisfied tired.

You still need to up your exercise and lose that extra weight Wendy.

This is turning into a lecture Alice.  I lost a pound last week.

Yes but prior to that you’d gained another 3 so you’re still behind.  And I’ve seen you sneaking pieces of Nathan’s birthday cake when you think no one is looking.

Well it’s there!  I tried not to let Vicky give us such a big piece when we came home, I even tried to leave it behind but she spotted it and made sure we put it in the car.

You could just put it in the food waste.

But I hate wasting food.

You hate wasting anything but sometimes we have to think of the bigger picture.  In this case the bigger you and how you want to be smaller so you need to bin the rest of the cake!

Maybe….but Becca and Vicky sometimes read my blog and I don’t want them offended.

Given the choice of visiting you in hospital after a heart attack or having you around to babysit their kids I think a bit of wasted cake is the least of your worries.

I think that might be a bit of an exaggeration Alice.

Really?  When did you last check your blood pressure?


I rest my case.

Oh thank goodness for that.  Now I can have some peace and quiet and maybe a cup of tea with a piece of cake.

Not if you want to stay youthful Wendy.

Oh Alice, that ship has already sailed!


  1. Hehehe. That ship has alrdy sailed made me laugh...being youthful at heart is what matters isnt it...that's what I like to think 😌 hope alice and Wendy continue talking even after a to z

    Dropping by from a to z "The Pensive"

    1. Oh I think Alice will be around on and off.

  2. Bwahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....Oh Alice, sweet sweet Alice...that ship has long since sailed least Wendy has grandchildren, smiles.

  3. Pretty funny. The things we come up with to justify eating!

  4. Ha! That ship sailed from here, too! I would be eating the cake too, Wendy! xo

  5. Have the cake. As they say, life is short...

  6. Don't listen to Alice this time. Enjoy your cake.


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