Monday, 1 October 2018

1st October - 31 days - Story

In an effort to get blogging on a regular basis it seems I need a challenge.  I've opted to try and complete this one as it's only supposed to take 5 minutes each day.  Of course it takes a bit longer than that to get the post presented how I want it but the content was done with a timer.

If you want to find out more, join in or just check out other participants click on the  image above.

Todays prompt is Story and here's my 5 minutes' worth:

My story began almost 6o years ago.  Yes I have a big birthday to plan for next year.  Obviously it consists of many chapters.  Some I can remember fondly others I would like to forget.  Being an awkward teenager for starters.

Then there was the year when I went through a broken engagement, a car crashing into our house and the death of my Dad.  I could happily erase 1981 from my story.

The years when my Mum succumbed to Alzheimer’s and became lost to me also passed in a blur.

Of course there are many good chapters.  The latter part of the 1980’s coincides with the early years of our marriage (we’ve survived 34 years) and the arrival of our 3 children.

Now of course, although I’m becoming more aware of time passing much too quickly (and needing to be prepared, (will written, funeral plans outlined – not morbid just practical)  I’m at that stage in life when I can pretty much do as I please and I’m loving it.

The arrival of 3 grandchildren in just over a year has been the icing on the cake.

So that probably sums up my story.  Nothing spectacular.  Just ordinary life.


  1. Sometimes ordinary is the best! Five minutes goes by fast, doesn't it? :)


  2. Nice to meet you through the 31 Day Freewrite Challenge! We have a few things in common... I have 1 grandson and a grandchild on the way and I LOVE it! Emptynesting now, married 36 years, and thinking about retirement (or rather, rewirement ;) Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  3. Hello,
    I do enjoy the advice you share about growing kids. I am also passing down that advice on to younger mom's who wonder how will I get thru this.
    Thank you for sharing. Our stories help others.
    xx oo

  4. A life well-lived is spectacular in its own right. What a beautifully vulnerable, courageous sharing.

  5. First - Happy birthday (in advance). Sixty is just a number. I'm 64 and I'm still looking at climbing numbers but that is A-OK because life is full. There are so many opportunities for relationship building, especially as our grandchildren get older. You are doing the same thing I'm doing. I signed up for the 31 days - because I know my writing discipline is non-existent.

  6. I hesitated to participate in this meme, but then I thought I have no time I have so many other things to write, your first post is very nice !

  7. I think having grandchildren is extra-ordinary; definitely the icing on the cake. I never realized it would be such a big deal! It is cool that you get to see them so often.

    Your 5 minute write came up with a lot of topics. SO glad you have happy things to look back on.


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