Sunday, 7 October 2018

7th October - 31 days - Hope

In an effort to get blogging on a regular basis it seems I need a challenge.  I've opted to try and complete this one as it's only supposed to take 5 minutes each day.  Of course it takes a bit longer than that to get the post presented how I want it but the content was done with a timer.

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Today’s prompt is Hope and here's my 5 minutes' worth:

Hope is my confirmation name.

I didn’t grow up in a particularly religious home but I seemed to attach myself to Catholic boys.  Having married a Catholic and agreed to bring up our children in the faith, attending church became a regular thing.  Many people assumed I was a Catholic too, especially as the children attended Catholic schools and I ended up working in their primary school.

I probably would have carried on muddling through but then in 2005 Hubby had a horrible accident.   For several days we didn’t know how he would be as he recovered but what struck me at that time was the power of prayer.  Our priest visited him in hospital the day after the accident, even though it was quite a trek from our parish and I had so many texts and messages from people who were praying for his recovery.  And of course I prayed.  In doing so I realised it was unfair of me to expect God to answer my prayers when I hadn’t committed myself to him.

Anyway (time’s up!) in time hubby made a really good recovery and I joined the church properly, receiving communion for the first time at Easter 2007. 

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  1. Congratulations on your confirmation and first communion. I became Catholic when Joe and I married, having grown up Methodist. Hope is a wonderful word.


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