Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Wendysday 31/10/18

Well it's sort of been Wendysday today.

I managed to:

  • Meet up with a friend for a chat.
  • Visit with Rory and his Mummy
  • Collect a prescription that I needed &
  • Cook myself a nice dinner

So all good things.  I've also been getting a lot of laundry done which doesn't sound typically the thing to do on Wendysday but it's my good deed of the day.  Poor Rory's Mummy is struggling a bit with her back - he is really heavy!  She uses cloth nappies for him so between them all they generate a lot of laundry!  And with no tumble dryer getting everything washed and dried when you're in a flat is a non stop chore.  

When I visited today I could see they'd fallen a bit behind so I packed a lot of it up and brought it back here to do - we're having dinner with them tomorrow evening so I had the chance to get it washed and dried and back to them tomorrow.   Except I'm with Nathan all day tomorrow so I've had to get it done this evening.  It was only 2 loads, the second of which is now in the dryer so I'll have it all ready for them tomorrow.  

I don't manage to get to see them as much as I'd like, especially considering they are the nearest to us, weeks just seem to fly by sometimes.  Much as I enjoy seeing Rory I'm also conscious of Liz having no family here in the UK so I'm happy to help out as much as I can.  

On my way home I'm made a special stop at a supermarket to pick up some sweets (candy) for any trick or treaters that might come calling for Halloween.  What I didn't realise was that it seems here in the UK we're now following the rule that you have to be displaying a pumpkin to get callers.  Halloween was never a big thing when I was growing up but over more recent years it has gradually got bigger.  Anyway I hadn't put a pumpkin out so no callers here for treats.  I now have quite a few treat sized bags of haribo to pass on.  (I'm keeping the chocolate!)

The other good news today is that Canada have agreed to let my hubby in!  (See here for what that's all about.)  We got his Police Check back yesterday - with No Trace of any criminal record - and I uploaded it to the Canadian Government site last night.  We quickly had an e-mail confirmation that he had been approved for entry.  Phew!  Now I'll be able to put the lovely warm coat I bought on Monday to good use.

I mentioned cooking myself a nice dinner.  I had a discount voucher for a meal delivery scheme (Hello Fresh) - you get everything you need to prepare the meal plus the recipe. The discount was a substantial saving on the first two delivery boxes so it seemed worth a try, especially for the days I've been at Nathan's.  Much easier to come home to a package ready to cook rather than trying to organise a meal from scratch.  

So far this week I've made Beef Kofta with Sag Aloo and a Goan Chicken curry both of which I enjoyed.  The beef took about 45 minutes to prepare but the chicken curry took only 20 minutes.  Typical of me, I remembered to take a picture of the beef (spot the glass of wine!) but the chicken pic is taken from the recipe card - mine probably wasn't as well presented and was half gone before I remembered a pic!
Beef Kofta
Goan Chicken curry

Not sure if it's something we'll do long term but it seemed worth a try.


  1. I know a few people who use those ready to cook meal packages and now our grocery stores are beginning to sell them too. I haven't tried yet, but probably need to jump on board with it! I know the kids appreciated you doing their two loads of laundry. Blessings!!

  2. I admire your daughter-in-law for using traditional napppies but not sure I would want to go back to all the work. The meals look delicious.


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