Monday, 8 October 2018

8th October - 31 days - Comfort

In an effort to get blogging on a regular basis it seems I need a challenge.  I've opted to try and complete this one as it's only supposed to take 5 minutes each day.  Of course it takes a bit longer than that to get the post presented how I want it but the content was done with a timer.

If you want to find out more, join in or just check out other participants click on the  image above.

Today’s prompt is Comfort and here's my 5 minutes' worth:

Everyone needs comfort sometimes.  Even if it’s just a gentle touch on the arm to show that we understand what someone else is going through.  Of course we all find comfort in our own ways.  Chocolate often works for me or just being held.

Some of us are very comfortable – we have roofs over our heads, food on the table etc.  Not everyone can say that and if we can find a way to held add to their comfort we should.

It’s something I could do a lot more of.  I try to donate clothes etc to places that need them and we do support various charities that provide comfort to others, especially when disasters strike.  It’s an easy way to assuage the guilt at being in better circumstances but it’s better than doing nothing.

Unfortunately disasters seem to be occurring more frequently than ever.  I saw an article on the news today about global warming and how we all need to adapt and change.  We shouldn’t get too comfortable in our glass houses.

Well 5 minutes goes fast.  Do you have a comfort zone?  I know I do but I'm trying to push the boundaries of mine when I can.


  1. oh, oh you hit a nerve about the glass houses thing, we were discussing something similar....

    I hope you have a beautiful new week ahead, friend. smiles

  2. Comfort. That word can have so many meanings. I see beauty in your five minutes!!

  3. My comfort food is sour cream. And I find a warm blanket to comfort me the most!

  4. What an utterly perfect last line.

  5. It's easy to feel comfortable, but we all know things can change in an instant! Interesting post!

  6. Well said, Wendy!
    Have a great new week my friend.


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