Tuesday, 2 October 2018

2nd October - 31 day challenge - Afraid


In an effort to get blogging on a regular basis it seems I need a challenge.  I've opted to try and complete this one as it's only supposed to take 5 minutes each day.  Of course it takes a bit longer than that to get the post presented how I want it but the content was done with a timer.

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Todays prompt is Afraid and here's my 5 minutes' worth:

I've been afraid many times but the worst times seem to revolve around family.  Like the time my hubby had a nasty accident and I was called to the hospital having been told he was conscious but poorly to find he'd suffered a brain injury.  (He recovered.)  Being in labour with my first child and having to undergo an emergency C section under general anaesthetic and not knowing what I would wake up to - an adorable baby girl.  And then of course once you have children you never stop worrying about them and that causes fear - Nathan's birth was a bit like that - it all happened so fast I ended up being in the delivery room supporting both his Mums and being terrified because it was too soon but having to put on a brave face for them.  Thankfully again there was a good outcome, eventually.  But having children also makes you brave, you have to try not to let your fears rub off onto them.  I'm not sure how good a job I've done of that but I'm a good spider catcher and I've dealt with cockroaches and dead mice but I don't think I'll every cure my irrational fear of snakes. 

Phew I was afraid I'd miss the deadline tonight.  I've been babysitting Nathan today with hubby and we decided to eat out this evening which was lovely but we've only just got home.  It's probably a good thing this is a 5 minute challenge!


  1. I had the same a last minute C-section and was the last one to see my boy ... the next day when I woke up ! That's true afraid I am mostly for my (very small) family ! (and the cats of course)

  2. Wow. You made it through that birth AND you made the deadline!! Congrats!

  3. Hurray you made the deadline.
    This sentence made me laugh - " ... I'm a good spider catcher and I've dealt with cockroaches and dead mice but I don't think I'll every cure my irrational fear of snakes." Hear! Hear!
    Isn't something how very often those things we fear end up having a happy ending?
    See you tomorrow.


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