Wednesday, 3 October 2018

3rd October - 31 days - Believe

In an effort to get blogging on a regular basis it seems I need a challenge.  I've opted to try and complete this one as it's only supposed to take 5 minutes each day.  Of course it takes a bit longer than that to get the post presented how I want it but the content was done with a timer.

If you want to find out more, join in or just check out other participants click on the  image above.

Todays prompt is Believe and here's my 5 minutes' worth:

I believe we all have a story to tell but sometimes it’s hard to find the words.  Although my hubby would probably claim I never find it hard to find words when recounting an event.  Why use one sentence when you can spout out a paragraph?  I think to that extent I’m definitely a story teller.  Maybe that comes from reading stories to my children or dreaming up stories when I was younger.   

I like using words.  I like checking out the meaning of words.  I don’t believe it’s cheating to look up crossword answers.  It extends my learning.  I’m quite a stickler for grammar and punctuation too as my texts probably show.  But I’m not quite the pedant that my hubby is.   

Sometimes we just need to believe in ourselves and start putting pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard) and the words will come.  Whether anyone will want to read them is another matter but expressing yourself is where to start.

Well I'm here earlier today and getting into the swing of this.  (I might even get tomorrow's post done and scheduled as I have another busy day.)

It's been great to have such lovely comments from regular and new visitors.  Thank you.

I nearly wrote a totally different take on this prompt.  I'm very aware that many of the members of this group are "Christian writers" in the sense that they are very open about their faith and belief in God.

I have faith and believe but don't always feel comfortable in expressing it.  To me it's a private thing.  It's not what my blog is for. 


  1. Love this challenge! Things like this are great to get you back into the blogging groove. And I'd have to agree that looking up crossword answers isn't cheating :-)

  2. I've tried my best to get my g-kids to use capitalization and punctuation when texting. I haven't been very lucky!


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