Friday, 5 October 2018

Friday's Fave Five - 5/10/18

It's Friday again so time to look back on the week and count our blessings.  This bloghop is hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.  Pop over there to join in or read other contributions.

This week seems to have flown by.  Here are my 5 favourite things:

1)  Meeting up with former work colleagues.  We hadn't seen each other for a while so it was good to catch up over a glass of wine and something to eat.

2)  Regular blogging.  I signed up to an October challenge and so far I'm keeping up with it.  Of course it's early days.

3)  A date night with hubby.  Well sort of - we were with Nathan all day on Tuesday and neither of us felt like cooking when we got home so we decided to go out.  Nothing fancy - just our local Pizza Express but it was nice and as usual we agreed that "we should do this more often!" lol

4)  Walking.  I've done some walking everyday this week and although stairs are still a problem with my knee walking is ok.  Just as well as it took me ages to get Nathan off for a nap on Thursday when I took him out in his buggy.

5)  Paying less for our water.  We recently had a meter installed - we didn't have a choice in the matter and although they can't make you switch to the metered rate until it's been installed for a year, if you want to you can switch earlier.  Well we will definitely be switching as it will be cheaper for us.  (Without a meter the cost of water is based on the size & value of your house.  Properties built now automatically have meters installed but older houses like ours didn't always have them.)

Too much information?  Yep I'm waffling again!

Have a great weekend all.


  1. How nice to get out and walk and have a date night!

    Happy long weekend!

  2. Glad you and hubby got out for a dinner out! You DO need to do it more often!!

  3. Those walks are good for us (and good for Nathan, too).
    Little date nights are fun--they don't have to be fancy and expensive. I prefer take out or home made sandwiches and a drive to eat them on the beach.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  4. It's nice to catch up with former colleagues. Date nights are fun, whether simple or fancy. Glad your knee is healing to the point where you can walk more. I need to get back to walking. Glad you got the meter installed and it's cheaper! Yay!

  5. Saving money is always a great deal.
    Yes, going out to eat with loved ones and friends is always something I need to do more of, too. Every time I do, I think, "Why have I waited so long to do this?"
    Hurray on walking more. This week I have been doing the same and it sure feels good, eh?
    I am going to go catch up on your #Write31Days. It is fun to "know" someone doing that writing project. Keep on going, we are 6/31 days.


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